Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Cusano Air Conditioning provides full-service air conditioning and heating maintenance contracts. When your system is covered with a contract, we will make sure that your system is maintained regularly and, when necessary, we’ll repair your equipment quickly as part of the contract. We provide routine periodic inspections, licensed warranty and post-warranty repairs, and immediate 24/7 emergency service.

A routine heating and air conditioning maintenance contract will help prolong the life of your system. Your system operate optimally by maintaining its cleanliness and preventing dirt build up that can lead to equipment malfunction. Proper maintenance also improves capacity and lower energy costs over the life of the equipment. It helps us to foresee troubles with your system before they become serious or even worse -- an emergency situation. Routine air conditioning and heating maintenance will prolong the life of your system. In addition, a regular maintenance contract will support efforts in meeting the manufacturer warranty requirements.

Tips for Proper HVAC Maintenance

Here are some regular maintenance tips for you to handle between our regular maintenance calls:

  • Dirty filters will cause your equipment to work harder than it should by wasting energy and even possibly internal damage to the unit. We will help you to become familiar with the type of filter your system requires. If yours is a washable, reusable filter, make sure it is completely dry before replacing.
  • Before the winter season, you should put your thermostat on heat, move the temperature setting above room temperature and listen for any unusual sounds that might indicate a need for special pre-season service. Call us immediately! You don't want to be caught on that rare cold night without heat.
  • All of the air conditioning and heating outlets and return registers should be kept free of obstructions such as furniture, dirt and debris that might hinder proper air flow. If you move your furnishings, always keep this mind.
  • In this humid climate, it is important to clean your humidifier reservoir regularly to prevent build up of mold and mildew.
  • Make sure that air flow to your outdoor units are unrestricted by removing trash, leaves and other potential obstructions.

Call Toll Free: 1-877-398-3474 or 954-472-8002 or contact Cusano Air Conditioning by email today to set up a maintenance contract.

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